Gelati Gelati 젤라띠젤라띠

This was definitely a weekend where I over-planned. First up was Mika’s wedding party. followed by Nathalie’s birthday party. I totally misunderstood and got dressed for a wedding. It was a private party with food, snacks, and a lot of alcohol. And I was over a half hour early, so after finding the location in Itaewon.  (Pictures from both events below)

I went back down the hill in search of a place to just…chill. I picked Gelati Gelati.

It’s a gelato shop which has a few other locations around Seoul including near Express Bus terminal. They have a lot of flavors and one of the more popular ones is rice, which has bits of rice in it and isn’t overly sweet. However I was too hot and wearing too many layers so I wanted a lot of something cold and fast. I decided, that because I had a lot of plans for the evening that I might as well get some coffee and decided on their gelato latte. (5,000won) The gelato latte comes in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, or caramel. In Korea I like mocha’s but still haven’t become super fond of other flavors and decided to pick chocolate to mimic a mocha affogato.


It was quite a popular spot because it was a nice and warm day and of course the area I was in was up one of the steep hills in Itaewon. First you order and then you find a spot to wait. There’s stools along the end of the bar, some seats along the wall and about 2 or 3 tables meant for two people. However the entirety of all the empty seats seemed to be taken up with couples enjoying their gelato so I settled in by the window on a bench that I think was meant for people waiting to take their treat to go.

The gelato was delightful, but I was really in too much of a hurry to let it mix together properly. Meaning that it was more like what it was, an latte with a giant scoop of chocolate gelato in it and not quite the level of mocha I wanted it to be. Still good, and still what I needed.

Depending on location Gelati Gelati is open from 12am-10:30pm Sunday through Thursday and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.  If you like gelato and are up for trying interesting flavors it’s a great place to go.


Rice and Cinnamon cookie at Express Bus Terminal

Before I posted this I figured I should also try their gelato by itself so I roped a friend who’d never been to Seoul (and had never had gelato) before into going with me and trying what they had at Express Bus Terminal. I figured I had to give their most popular flavor a try (rice) and saw that they had cinnamon cookie so I got a combo of the two flavors in a cup. It reminded me a lot of horchata which was lovely. The rice gelato does indeed have chewy almost gummy bits of rice in it spread throughout and both flavors are quite light which was nice. There is however no place to sit near the Gelati Gelati in Express Bus Terminal so keep that in mind when you go.

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