Miss Saigon 미스사이공


Probably my biggest complaint when it comes to Myeongdong is the difficulty in finding some place to eat. Most people usually eat street-food and that’s it. But I like sitting down to eat. I learned my lesson after trying to eat takoyaki in the rain in Osaka a couple years ago that my ability to walk and eat is semi-limited. I also don’t like the hustle and bustle of people trying to get past me.

I saw a sign while wandering around for Pho and got very excited and decided that’s what I’d eat. I followed signs inside of department store next to the Forever 21 on the main street only to find that the restaurant was gone and they just hadn’t taken down the signs. It was a huge waste of time. But while wandering around the winding alleyways that make up Myeongdong my friend pointed out a restaurant that said Vietnamese rice noodles. I got very excited, hurried over and we popped inside. It was practically empty and looked like part of a chain I’ve notice pop up throughout Korea. First I walked up to the touch screen machine, switched it to English and figured out what I wanted. I ordered the beef pho (소고기 쌀국수) and some fried spring rolls (짜조).


I didn’t have to interact with anyone. I put my order in, grabbed a seat, then waited for my number (on my receipt) to show up on the screen in the back. Water, utensils and pickled radish (and spicy sauce) were all self serve near food pick up and there was even an area to return my tray. It was quite nice and very low key.

Miss Saigon is open daily from 10:30 am until 9pm (though it might be closed on the occasional Sunday). You can check out their menu here. Miss Saigon is also a chain that can be found throughout Korea.  It’s also not too expensive. The total for my meal was 10,500 won.

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