B’mucho Cantina 베무쵸칸티나

One of my friends took us to her favorite Mexican restaurant in Seoul, warning us to meet her early so we could get in line before it opened.  This is quite normal for restaurants that have just opened and have a ton of hype around them or the coolest new trend but B’mucho Cantina has been open since 2013, and after six years can still have a line on Saturday morning for lunch.


Part of this is due to size. It’s a small restaurant with very limited seating. Despite being getting there a half hour early we still only managed to be second in line. But this also meant we got in right when they opened and were able to grab a seat and let our friend lead us to what she liked best.


First up drinks. There was three of us so we ordered all three of her favorites: Tamarindo, Jamaica , and horchata. The Tamarindo was a bit sour and tart for me and also reminded me a lot of dates, while Jamaica (not pronounced like the country) was a super sweet somewhat syrupy hibiscus iced tea. Horchata is my all time favorite and winner in my books when it comes to rice drinks. We ended up ordering a second one. 


We also ordered three dishes: tacos de carnitas, chorizo, and enchiladas de frijoles. (oh and an appetizer of guacamole and chips)


I’m not a fan of cilantro so I was quite happy they put it in a pile to the side rather than mixing it in so I could avoid it as best as possible. There were also some spicy peppers hiding in here, which I was mostly able to avoid until I think my last bite when it suddenly came as a surprise.


For the tacos de carnitas and chorizo I was able to just take a bite of the meat. (No picture of the chorizo, it turned out awfully blurry and I didn’t take another. Bad on me) The carnitas was soft and delicious while the chorizo was more crunchy and also delicious. Vastly different textures and different tastes. I only went for a bite of the meat because both had spicy aspects to them which my friends enjoy and I don’t. Instead I lived in bean heaven with enchiladas de frijoles.


This was several (at least four) enchiladas  filled with cheese and chicken covered in sour cream, a mound of red onions and cilantro and then surrounded by a moat of refried beans. We forgot to ask for it not to come with the cilantro. Which you can do. You can ask them to make things less spicy or for them to not include things. However the cilatro didn’t go to waste. I scooped it all up and added it to my friends tacos.


Everything we ate was utterly delightful. The owner and head chef is from Mexico and my friend said it’s almost as good as her mother’s cooking. Which, when you live a vast ocean away makes a pretty good home away from home restaurant. So if you’re in South Korea and in the area and want some Mexican food that tastes more like Mexican food try stopping by. B’mucho Cantina is closed on Mondays but open Tuesdays from 5:30-11pm, Wednesdays through Thursdays from 12:30-3pm with a break and then  open again from 5:30-11pm. On Fridays they’re open from 12:30-3pm and then from 5:30pm-12am. Saturdays they open at 1pm but the line starts a little earlier than that and they close for a break at 3pm then reopen at 5:30 until midnight. On Sundays they’re open from 1-3 and 5:30-10pm.




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