Dos Tacos 도스타코스

Dos Tacos is a chain I usually hear about when people discuss Mexican food in Seoul. They have English and Korean on their menus and a large variety of options.


I ordered an horchata and a meat and potato burrito. I was able to ask for it without things I didn’t like, like cilantro, mild salsa and jalapenos because the menu listed everything that came on it. I also ordered a side of refried beans for the shared chips my friend and I got. There was a ridiculous amount of lettuce on my burrito but it wasn’t spicy and I liked the potatoes, cheese and meat.


They serve tacos, quesadillas, burritos, burrito bowls, nachos and fries, chimichangas, and ensaladas (salad). The chips were not free but were actually salty and not sweet like most Korean chips are. (Which I always appreciate.) The refried beans and the guacamole my friend ordered went really well with it.

The way the one we went to worked was we grabbed a seat, looked over the menu then went up to order. We were given a buzzer and then would come back to collect it. They had self serve water.

There are about 12 Dos Tacos in Korea. Most of them are in Seoul but there is one in Anyang near Beomgye station and another in Suwon. Their hours change depending on location so I suggest you check out their locations and hours here.

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