D.she 카페디쉬

It’s that hot humid miserable time of year where all I want to do is go from air conditioning to air conditioning. It’s also the perfect time of year for some bingsu. I thankfully have had some. My school keeps luring me to meetings with 인절미설빙 Injeolmi bingsu (traditional soy bean powder and rice cake shaved ice). Apparently you can get it delivered from Sulbing and that’s very very dangerous knowledge.


I met friends at D.she, a cafe that is located near Beomgye station in Anyang. It’s on the 6th floor and while I suggest taking the elevator I also suggest you do not trust the elevator. Hold the button and move quickly because it tried to close on several people and seemed unable to sense when people were passing between the doors. Which was very scary and concerning, especially because there was only one elevator and many people trying to get on.

D.She is a small but cozy cafe that serves a variety of desserts and snacks including some vegan ones. It’s mostly set up with two couches facing one another and a table between them. It’s a bit awkward level wise. I felt like the table was at the perfect height for taking a nap but at a semi awkward level for eating.

After looking over the menu we decided to split one of the Special Mountain flakes. The수제 마카롱 빙수 (handmade macaron bingsu) caught our eye. (12,500)

Giant blue pile of shaved ice covered in macarons and popping candy.

It tasted like cotton candy but not nearly as deathly sweet with a sprinkling of popping candies and some macarons. I love macarons but for some reason I didn’t like the texture of them on the shaved ice. It also ended up being a bit too much and we had to call in the cavalry who came and essentially ate the rest of it. For one of them it was way too sweet, but the other happily finished the rest. It is probably possible for two people to finish this together (not sure about their giant mountain Oreo one) but seeing as we’d just had lunch we didn’t have as much room.

D.she has a lot of cute photogenic snacks and sweets that they make in shop. They even had a page in their menu full of vegan options. (Drink wise this meant coffee with your choice of milk: coconut, almond or soy). The menu is however mostly in Korean so you’ll need to take your time reading it to figure out what kind of vegan cookies or madeleines you want to try.

D. She is open from 11am until 12 am. They also serve brunch from 11 am until 3pm. They’re also not the only cafe on that floor so make sure you go to the right one.

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