Campana Rokkatei カンパーナ 六花亭

There’s a lot of places we stopped on our tour that I hadn’t a clue about. (I was in it for the lavender fields.) Campana Rokkatei was one of those places that I didn’t know much about. Campana Rokkatei is in Furano which is where most of the things on our tour were.


It’s a cafe that’s open from 9am until 5pm in a little vineyard and that has beautiful views of the Daisetsuzan Volcanoes.


The cafe itself sells a lot of souvenirs, mostly desserts and snacks only available in Furano. There’s also a bathroom and a restaurant a short walk away.


Since I was traveling on my own I was a bit nervous about making sure I got back to the bus on time. I didn’t know enough Japanese to communicate with the driver if I had to call if I got left behind, or how I’d even accomplish that. I also didn’t have much room in my suitcase, so I didn’t buy any of the souvenirs. But a lot of people did. Instead I just wandered around along the roads looking at the vineyards.

There’s also a bell tower beside the shop that is an iconic spot for the cafe.


If you’re traveling on your own and have more time I’m sure getting a cup of tea or coffee and some sweets (or the grape ice cream) and sitting enjoying the view of the volcanic mountains and the vineyards would be quite lovely.

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