Soup Curry Treasure スープカレー トレジャー

After getting off my tour bus at the clock tower I tried to decide what I wanted to do. I hadn’t had one of the famous foods of Hokkaido yet, Genghis Khan. But one of my friends said that she couldn’t imagine eating it on her own. Genghis Khan is essentially grilled lamb, or bbq lamb that you cook in front of you at the table. I figured it must be like Korean bbq, something I can’t get on my own… and I don’t like lamb. But everything on the tour, in the area, and even my friends said that I had to try lamb in Hokkaido. So I figured I’d give it a chance.

Underneath the Sapporo TV Tower is a beer like garden with a couple pop up shops and a ton of outdoor seating. It seems like a good spot to get some Genghis Khan, however there didn’t seem to be a lot of seating available and I felt awkward ordering the Genghis Khan by myself. So I did my backup plan. I went for some soup curry.


Soup curry is a semi-new dish that’s becoming popular in Hokkaido. My friend told me that there’s two popular shops at the moment, right across the street from each other and suggested Soup Curry Treasure because it’s not nearly as crowded, or wasn’t when she went, as the other location. However, the difference is that the one across the street, Soup Curry GARAKU is on street level while Soup Curry Treasure is in the basement. So I couldn’t accurately tell the wait time difference when I went until I went into the basement, at which point it kind of looked like the same wait time.

Line for Soup Curry GARAKU

Because I hadn’t had the Genghis Khan I figured, when I finally got in, to hit two birds with one stone and get their lamb soup curry. I regretted this. I think if you like lamb to begin with you’d love it. Instead the flavor of the lamb and the texture just stuck with me….all night and halfway through the next day making me feel nauseous. I did however like the flavor of the curry and all the vegetables and the egg in the soup curry. They offer a vegetable one and I think if I’d gotten that instead I would’ve loved it.


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