Chibo 千房 京都アバンティ支店

After checking out of our hotel we had a sort of weird rushed day planned. My friends wanted to go to Kyoto for some souvenir shopping and a trip to a cafe. Originally ramen and an onsen had been on the list as well, but eventually removed because the Onsen in the hotel had been nice enough (and all the ones in Kyoto were far out of the way and didn’t open till 3pm) and the person the ramen was for ended up with their own travel misadventures and couldn’t join us. It wasn’t going to be a full day either, so we had to be careful because our hotel for the night was in Tokyo. This left me a little nervous and in a bit of a hurry to keep moving.


But because we were still feeling the 3 hour heat misadventure at USJ the day before we weren’t moving fast which led to us spending a good chunk of our time at Kyoto station. First storing our bags in lockers, then shopping, and eventually having lunch. I’ve eaten at Kyoto station before. I’ve even had okonomiyaki at Kyoto station before. But I figured we hadn’t managed to have okonomiyaki in Osaka so we should try it. So we ended up eating at Chibo. We decided to split two okonomiyakis and also get some gyoza.


We just ordered things that had high ratings on their menu and looked good. I hadn’t seen one with an egg before and was very intrigued. It was very nice.


The other was much more traditional. We added the bonito flakes ourselves, after one friend got hers because the bonito flakes freak her out a little bit. (They tend to dance and move around because they’re so thin so they look like they’re alive). It’s not a quick lunch by any means but it was quite nice and something they hadn’t had before.

The gyoza were extra crispy because they were in Kyoto triangle style like the mochi you can get near the kiyomizu-dera

Chibo is a chain that can be found throughout Japan and even in a couple places worldwide. They’re open from 11:30am until 3pm for lunch with the last order at 2:30 and for dinner from 5pm until 10pm with last order at 9:30pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays they are open from 11am to 10pm with last order at 9:30pm.

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