Bull Pulu: Tapioca Sweets ブルプル

After bidding goodbye to my friends and taking the shuttle back to Maihama station I made my way to another friend’s house. It’s where I usually stay when I’m in Tokyo. I always joke with her and say that I always know I found her home because I suddenly have wifi. She was working from home for the day so after dropping my stuff off we went on a mini adventure for lunch. But on our way stopped at a bubble tea shop called Bull Pulu which she said is always swarmed and people. She was surprised because when we arrived there wasn’t a line.


I ordered an almond milk tea, figuring I should stick to the items on the menu with a star on them.


It was really good but I did eventually get sick of the tapioca pearls. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn’t. There isn’t any seating at the one we visited as it’s in the basement of a mall, but I’m always down for bubble tea. After we ordered a huge line appeared. Which makes sense because it is on many lists as being in one of the top places for bubble tea in Japan. Bull Pulu is a chain that can be found in several spots in Tokyo, including 2 around the Shibuya area.

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