Gelato Pique Bio Concept cafe ジェラート ピケ カフェ ビオコンセプト

My friend and I decided to get lunch. We decided what we really wanted was pancakes but the original place she wanted to go was closed. So we went to her back up which was located in a mall. It’s called Bio Concept and she told me it’s a family friendly cafe. According to my friend, in Japan there are restaurants and cafes that specifically cater to families with young children or babies. Because taking them to a regular shop or restaurant can be considered rude. I hadn’t heard of this before but I do know that there are children cafes in Korean, where a parent can take a break and have a cup of tea or coffee while their child plays. After she mentioned it I took another look around and saw that many of the other patrons were women with small children and babies in tow.

I ordered their soy fish burger (1,200 yen) and my friend got one of their galettes.


We decided to split some pancakes. We ordered their plain pancakes for 1,200 yen. Which all in all was too much food for the two of us. But it was all delicious.


It was a nice big open space cafe with plenty of room for families which was nice. The one we went to is open from 10am until 9pm with last order at 8:30. Gelato Pique is a chain found in different spots of Japan. There are only, currently, two Gelato Pique Bioconcept cafes and I’m unsure if only the bio concept are considered family friendly cafes or if the whole branch of restaurants, cafes and creperies are different.  (Which in and of itself seem to be a part of a much larger chain)

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