Crush Brunch and Cafe 誇許早午餐

My second day in Taipei was a mess. I tried to go to probably 4 different places all spread out that were all closed for the holidays. It was frustrating and I was hangry. Eventually I spotted Crush and decide why not? Brunch sounded good. I walked in, went to the counter, tried to look at the menu only for me to realize there was no English and the staff to realize I couldn’t read the menu. I ended up asking one staff member what they suggested so I went with whatever they suggested and got a milk tea. I grabbed seat and waited.


I ended up with pancake rolls with cheese. A bit similar to the scallion pancakes I’d had last night for dinner, but quite nice.

Their menu can be found on their facebook page here. I suggest looking it over and translating it before you go. It’s a pretty good and cheap place to get a meal.  Note that their silverware is self serve near the counter and that’s also where you put your plate when you’re done.

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