Sharetea 全球旗舰总店

Every time I went to or left my hotel I passed a tea shop called Sharetea. On my last night, as my last thing to do I decided to get one more tea in Taiwan. I figured, since I’d passed so many times that I might as well pop in and see what they had. This location actually had seats for people to sit and enjoy their tea, so it had more of a cafe vibe, then any of the other tea shops I’d been to during my trip. They also had a lot of interesting options including one that in the picture was on fire. I didn’t get that one. Instead I got one of my favorite types of tea that I don’t get very often in Korea: Thai iced tea.


It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Thailand and had Thai tea. This wasn’t nearly as good. I’m not sure if I didn’t ask for it to be sweet enough of if I was just so full that the added milky tea didn’t help, but it didn’t have that burnt chocolate creamy taste of Thai tea that I love. They do have a lot of things on their menu and plenty to try. I wish I’d gotten something else, like maybe their item that they set on fire. Or a tea without milk in it.

This was the last thing I did in Taipei. In the morning I packed up my stuff, checked out of the hotel and then took the train to the airport. Much easier then when I left at the crack of dawn last time. I also got to have a lot more tea this time and try a lot of new things. I do wish I’d been able to make it to more places, but the holiday just fought against me and the heat exhausted me. I forgot how hot it gets in Taiwan, especially since it was finally starting to cool in Korea. Last time I was in Taiwan, it was winter so it was cooler. But I’m glad I went, and I’m thankful for all the suggestions of things my friends gave me, even though it was 99% food. (The best kind of suggestion.)

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