Monster Pizza 몬스터피자

In Korea pizza can be pretty monsterous. I’ve had some of the worst pizza I’ve ever had in Korea and then some pizza combos that I’ve just learned to live with despite myself. Like cheese pizza never just being cheese but having onion and corn in it and sometimes the cheese being very strange. Or I’ve gotten use to cranberries and almonds and honey on a Gorgonzola pizza.


But Monster Pizza is surprisingly not monsterous. It’s more…normal or I should say Western style pizza then can usually be found outside of Costco. One popped up in my neighborhood and I got excited. New tiny quick pizza shop? Yes! The menu is broken up into slices or full pizza pies. When it comes to slices there aren’t a lot of options but they do have cheese, pepperoni and something called spice girls. Spice girls is essentially ham and jalapenos and is spicy. They’re about 4,000 won a slice which is more expensive then Costco but it’s also similar in size and much closer. For a whole pizza they have two options 18 inches which is 23,000 won or 12 inches which is 13,000 won and they also two additional flavors: bacon cheddar and spicy chicken.

Slice of pizza with cheese, crispy jalapenos, olives and 3 slices of bacon that look more like Canadian or Korean bacon then american
Spice girls (which a friend ordered and enjoyed)

My local shop doesn’t have a ton of seating, they have an upstairs with 4 tables (one being a bar with stools on one side) and a table on the first floor. They also seem to make the pizza all at one go, so that each slice is different. This means that if you’re not okay with things touching or if you have a special diet it might not be the best for you. However to combat this they seem to put a small amount of the toppings in the center. One of my friends ordered the spice girls which was touching the cheese pizza I ordered but it didn’t affect my cheese pizza. Same with the pepperoni another friend ordered.


If the pizza isn’t in the display then it’s about a 5 minute or so wait for a fresh slice, which I think is worth it. Though do note if you take it to go they’ll give you all the special add-ons which included: Parmesan, hot sauce and jam packets. Not sure why they offer the strawberry jam…but they do.


It’s really nice finding a cheap pizza place. Though it’s not cheaper then pizza school which will give you a full cheese pizza (with corn and onion) for 5,000 won. But since there’s not a pizza school in my area and the last time I ordered pizza from another local store it was just awful, then I’m quite happy with this. And one slice is enough for me.


The Monster Pizza in Sanbon is open from 11am until 1am. There are other Monster Pizza’s but I’m unsure their hours. There also seems to be a price difference between the one in Sanbon and the one in Hongdae.

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