My sweet 마이 스윗

I ended up in Itaewon a bit too early for a Korvia party and had about two hours to kill. I was with a friend who didn’t want to go to any of the chain shops on the main strip so we searched around the back alleys for a cafe that was open. We found My Sweet which is a cafe/restaurant. She wasn’t hungry and didn’t want anything to drink so I looked over the menu and ordered their bumblebee which seems to be a passionfruit ade.


The whole place was empty when we arrived so I headed up the stairs to the second floor to see what their additional seating was. Turns out it was an indoor beach.


It was nice to chill and just hang out upstairs. Though we definitely ended up having to tap sand off of our shoes before leaving.

My bumblebee drink was also quite good though I’m not sure what kind of berries they put on top but they were very very bitter. Pretty though, but bitter.


As we were leaving the first floor was much more busy with people coming in for lunch. They have a really cool pizza oven in the back and seem to do mostly Italian style food which seems to be quite popular.

My Sweet is one of the many restaurants/cafes (at least 8) owned by Hong Seok-cheon who tends to signify his places by starting it with “My”. My Sweet is open from 11am until 1am


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