Fingertips 핑거팁스

After our trip to it was time for some lunch. I decided it’d be best to see what was in the area and saw that there was a burger place, according to Kakaomaps. It was just a short walk away on the other end of Seongsu station


I decided to go with their Index burger which includes: house sauce, tomato, romaine lettuce, a patty, grilled onion and finger sauce for 7,200 won with an add on of mozzarella cheese which is an additional 1,000 won. My friends also ordered fries for us to share, regular and garlic fries (which included shredded grana padano cheese). They were good but regular fries were an additional 2,700 won and the garlic fries were 4,2000 won. The burgers were quite good but a bit expensive. It is definitely not a cheap burger shop. But if you’re wanting some American style burgers and in the area they have a decent selection of options and even sell some interesting drinks, like kombucha on top of the burger staples of soda, shakes and alcohol. They do have a menu that is in English so it should be easy to navigate.

They are closed on Mondays. On Tuesday-Friday they are open from 11 am until 9:30 pm  with a break from 3:30pm until 5:30pm. Last lunch order is at 3pm and last dinner order is at 9 pm. On Saturday and Sunday they are open from 11am until 9pm without a break with last order at 8pm. You can check out their Instagram here.

2 thoughts on “Fingertips 핑거팁스

  1. Curious about that finger theme, with its index finger burger. Even the burger shapes under the neon sign look like fingertips… Their Instagram pics look pretty tasty though.

    1. Yes, it’s a very strange choice for a theme. My assumption was they wanted it to be related to how you usually eat a burger with your hands and wanted to hone in on that and how it’s a tactile experience, but I’m not sure exactly why. The burgers were really good though 😀

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