Whisk 위스크

When I moved I was so excited to be in a city (even a smallish one) that I wanted to see what was available nearby for fun places to eat. Whisk ended up coming up in my search for a good nearish breakfast place.


After a short walk on a nice day we ended up there and were their first customers. We grabbed a menu which is in English and Korean and then picked a seat. There is additional seating upstairs.


Their menu, however, does not include drinks. The drinks can be found at the counter on the backboard menu when you order.


This menu is only in Korean, but they have a decent amount of options. They even have a point card where every a certain amount of drinks (only for drinks) you get a free one.  Because I got pancakes (of course) I didn’t want any sugary drinks so I stuck with self serve water.



Their menu does seem to change. But I think what my friend and I ordered are technically staples to their menus. My friend ordered their Big Breakfast which seems to be Korean style English breakfast. It includes bacon, herb tomato, sausage (hot dog), mushroom, spinach, baked beans, bread and salad. She also got to choose what kind of egg she wanted (poached, fried or scrambled) and she picked poached. It was 11,800 won. She also got a caramel macchiato. She really enjoyed it, though she got to pick which kind of bread and she went with Focaccia bread. She was expecting an herby flat bread but ended up with regular herby bread loaf without it being toasted and it was super soft but didn’t come with anything so she ate two pieces with egg on it. The bread wasn’t her favorite, but I liked it.


I debated over their selection of pancakes and french toast before deciding to go with their Monkey Ricotta Pancake which was 11,600 won. It included buttermilk pancakes, ricotta cheese, maple syrup, blueberry coulis, caramelized banana and sugar powder.


I really wasn’t expecting a single caramelized banana, since usually bananas are chopped up on pancakes, but it’s not something I can’t do myself. I also struggled for a bit to figure out where the ricotta cheese was hiding. Turns out it was inside the pancakes. I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t nightmarishly sweet which had been my concern while looking over the menu and I found it filling. I really enjoyed it.

Whisk is in Pyeongchon and is a short walk from exit 3. They’re open from 8am until 10pm on Monday through Friday and from 9am until 10 on Saturdays. On Sundays they open at 9am and close at 6pm.

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