Egg Drop 에그드랍

If you’re looking for something cheap to eat in Korea that is a bit like home but not quite then I highly suggest stopping at a street food vendor or any little shop selling toasted sandwiches. They’re usually the cheapest food you can find. One of the most common being a shop called Isaac’s. They tend to make breakfast sandwiches. A newer one that’s been popping up is called Egg Drop and can be found in several locations.

The one I went to was in the Hyundai mall basement next to the D Cube Art center after watching Marie Antoinette. My school had planned for everyone to go have Shabu Shabu but it was spicy so I couldn’t eat it. Generally there’s options but the place my school picked didn’t have options. So I left and wandered the mall before finding Egg Drop.

I ended up ordering the American Ham and Cheese which is: scrambled egg, slice ham, cheddar cheese, parsley, and egg sauce (a little sweet with the slightest hint to my sensitive taste buds of spicy) on brioche bread.  Due to that egg sauce it can get quite messy, so be prepared, and it’s a dark reddish orange so be careful not to get it on yourself.


They offer about 7 different egg-y dishes. One of them is a salad. The rest are sandwiches. However what each shop sells might vary, since the one I went to only had four of the sandwiches on their menu and only 3 of them were available when I went since they were out of Avocado for the Avo-holic sandwich which was my original order. The one in my town though (where the cover picture came from) had all of them available.

They also have coffee and soda available. They have Dr. Pepper which is always exciting to see on a menu in Korea and something called an egg vanilla latte which might be fun to try.

Altogether it was a little over 5,000 won and I found it quite filling.

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