Stylenanda Myeongdong 스타일난다 – 명동점

A popular Instagram spot in Myeongdong is Stylenanda which is a 5 floor store set up like a hotel. It’s interesting decor and different themed floors draws a crowd. I went recently with Nathalie to go wander around and explore and try to take cute photos in their cafe. We went in the evening and I highly highly suggest going, if you can, right when they open because there are less people.


There may however still be a small crowd of people waiting outside but it’s infinitesimal in comparison. It truly gives off Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel vibes with the first floor lobby filled with pink books and selling various beauty products.


The second floor is the spa that sells more beauty products (3CE) and the majority of the make up. If you walk to the edge of the room you can look down to the first floor and also see the floating bed and bedroom with an old style phone as well as a bathtub filled with flowers and a Hello Gorgeous neon light decor on the wall.

The third floor is the rooms, with a hall of doors like a hotel and some clothing options.

The fourth floor is laundry with laundry machines and a wall of laundry soap. Accessories and more clothes can be found here.

The fifth floor is the pool where more clothing can be found as well as their cafe, and a bathroom near the pool shower rooms. (changing rooms).


It’s a really fun space to explore and I was surprised to check prices and find it not outrageously expensive like I feared when wandering around. It’s still expensive just not THAT expensive.

There is also a terrace but it’s been too cold each time I’ve gone to explore that space.

Open daily from 11am until 11pm.

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