Samarkand City 사마르칸트시티

One of the reasons we were in Dongdaemun was my friend was highly suggesting a local restaurant after our slight disappointment at the market we’d gone to. She suggested we visit Little Russia to go to her favorite Uzbekistan restaurant. I’ve been to the area once before with a different friend and had Mongolian food  after we’d been unable to find the specific restaurant she had looked for and getting a little lost. But I was down for anything, anything other than a mug full of curds. (Different culture, different food I know.)

The restaurant is on the second floor and quite stunning. After talking to my friend I ordered the Samsa which was 3,000 each and absolutely delicious. I could’ve just eaten about 3 of those and called it a wonderful evening. I was half tempted to order more to take home, but didn’t. Samsa are buffed puns sutffed with chopped beef. I also ordered their soup. I picked Borsh, remembering when I tried it in Tokyo and loving it. It was 8,000 won. I also ordered their tea which came in a beautiful pot.

Samarkand City is open from 11am to 11pm and is located on the second floor.

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