Opening cafe 오프닝카페

Sometimes when I have time I’ll look up places on Instagram. It’s usually how I find cute cafes to try. One of my experiment in this yielded “Opening“. I wanted to see if there was any cute Christmas things happening in my area and Opening had a cute Christmas tree cupcake filled with candies and I thought that would be a wonderful gift for a friend who has been hosting and cooking dinner almost every week since I’ve moved to the area as well as driving me and others home from Costco almost once a week. She LOVES Christmas, probably about as much as I love Halloween, if not more.

I told her best friend about it and she looked up where this cafe was, turns out it was only a fifteen minute bus ride away so we headed south of Sanbon in Gunpo and hiked up a hill to the cafe.


It’s a very cute cafe, with pink walls, clothes on hangers like it’s a clothing store and a peeling (meant to look like it but isn’t actually peeling) smiley face on the wall.


Their menu is all in Korean but the owner speaks a little bit of English and can talk you through what they have to the best of her ability. But because we went after dinner on a Wednesday there weren’t a lot of macaroons or desserts in the display. All of the very cute or popular ones were sold out except the seashell with candies in the middle. I asked about the Christmas tree but that seemed to have been a limited item for the beginning of December. So we ordered our macaroons. My friend go the seashell one and I tried a Lotus cookie macaroon. We ended up with a long thin butter knife so we decided to share and each cut our macaroons in half giving half to the other. It was quite nice, but I learned that was about as much sugar as I could handle.


I also tried one of their new drink menu items which tasted a bit like caramel cookies and milk with bits of sugary cookies floating at the top of the ice on top.


Before we left I decided to give it one more shot and I asked the lady if they did any Christmas macaroon reservations. She said yes, so I put in an order to pick up on Friday and keep in my fridge for our Monday Christmas dinner for my friend. They had two sets and I picked set A, which was just the holiday looking macaroons which are very very cute.


The Opening cafe is open from 10am until 9pm. They are closed on Sundays.

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