Hong Jong-heun Bakery & Cafe 홍종흔베이커리 앤 카페 군포점

After our dinner together my coworkers took me to a cafe one really wanted to show me due to it’s beautiful traditional Korean style. It was night, so my camera doesn’t really do it justice. So instead here’s a picture of the sidewalk with all the twisty beautiful trees. But believe me, the building is done in a beautiful hanok style.


The first thing we did, after my coworker did some photographer work in which I unfortunately turned out hilariously derpy in about half of them, we wandered the bakery trying to decide what to get. (Half our party ran to grab us a good table)

The most popular item at the cafe is called Onion King (어니언 킹). It’s a big frozen onion cream cheese bagel.  They’re popular due to their size and reasonable price. If you like sweet onion ice cream, or have ever been interested in the idea then you’ll probably like this bagel. If onion is your go to ice cream flavor and you don’t like sweet freezing onions, then this might not be for you. I think if it was savory and maybe not a solid frozen mass I would’ve enjoyed it. But my coworkers loved it, frozen sweet onion and all.  After picking out or breads from the bakery we made our drink orders. There is English throughout the cafe in certain areas and for most things, so it should be easy to navigate.

I ordered from their Homemade Tea menu a Apple and Cinnamon tea, hot. (5,000 won). Usually when I think of “homemade tea” in Korea, I think of the jam like substance mixed with hot water. But no, this was a million times better and actually homemade.

no no mug, I will love YOU til the end. You were amazing. 
There were giant chunks of tree bark (the type of cinnamon commonly used in Korea) and actual slices of apple. It was a drink and a snack all rolled into one. I loved it.


As for our breads we got a lot to share that I wouldn’t have gotten on my own. On the left was Spawn of a Polaack Baguette which was a cheesy covered baguette filled with salty fish eggs. (4,800 won) and a mocha filled bread which I did enjoy, the best out of all three, and then our onion king.  I really enjoyed my time at this cafe and not just because my coworker played photographer who darted around trying to get my best angles only to result in photos that made me laugh so much more. It was really fun. I highly suggest going during the day time so you can see all of the beauty of the grounds. And let me know if you enjoyed the onion king, if you give it a try.

Open daily from 9am until 11pm


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