Sangmu Sushi 상무초밥

For our departmental Hweshik (회식) we went out for sushi. Sushi isn’t my favorite and when it came down for voting I voted for shabu shabu. But my coworkers votes won and we went to Sangmu which ended up being near where I lived, so I actually knew where it was and how to get there and get home fairly easily. It actually replaced One Table which had closed a couple months earlier. (Ah the ecosystem of a city).


Sangmu sushi is a chain, which is why one of my coworkers suggested it, because he’d been to a different location. Their mission statement can easily be found on their website which goes:

  1. I will only use healthy and safe ingredients.
  2.   I will use only domestic seafood.
  3.  We will bring more value to the food than the price
  4. I will try my best to become the best sushi brand in the nation.
  5. I will cook rice with the best rice.

I was a bit concerned because I’m not the biggest fan of raw fish. Like I can eat it, but I get tired of the texture pretty quickly and don’t find it filling. I don’t mind eating at the conveyor belt sushi shops in Japan because usually I can also order other things to go with it, and there’s so many different options that I’m not instantly bored from eating the same thing over and over again.


All of my coworkers got an assorted sushi set which came with ten pieces of sushi and some soba and miso soup.  Even I got the soba and miso soup. But I gave it away to another coworker.


What I ordered was off their lunch menu which was some basic udon. Based on the amount of spoons came with it they clearly thought we were going to share.


It was quite good and I was pleased that I was able to eat something other than sushi while all my coworkers enjoyed their sushi. Though I’m sure I would’ve been able to enjoy the soba and miso soup with some sushi.


My favorite part though is that along with a set of chopsticks they give you a brush. The brush is to brush the soy sauce onto the sushi so you don’t loose any rice or bits of your sushi in your bowl. It’s so extra, I love it. A coworker did give me her cooked eel sushi to try it out on and I had fun, feeling like a bit of an artist painting my sushi with soysauce and wasabi.


Before we all left we were brought glasses of a non-alchoholic plum and cinnamon drink with a bit of pineapple in it like a martini. It was good, but weird, but good.

Sangmu Sushi is open from 11:30am until 12pm and depending on the location they offer delivery.


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