Route 442 루트 442

After a very filling dinner we wandered around Mullae a little bit. Mullae is a part of Seoul where the industrial steel and iron factories has met with local artists. It’s a popular area for photographs and for hidden gems. The area is known as the Mullae Art Village 문래동 예술촌. Please note that most of these cool shops, cafes, and restaurants and artsy spaces are not open on weekday mornings and that the area is still an active industrial area so always be careful and mindful not to disturb the people working.

We ended up picking Route 442 which wholly embraced the industrial neighborhood they were in with their decor.

I ordered a chocolate float. Or according to the menu Flout 풀로우트. It was 6,500 won and I was really excited to have a float, I hadn’t had one in so long.


It wasn’t really an American style float. It wasn’t chocolate ice cream and soda. It was more just a whole bunch of chocolate, closer to a milkshake. It wasn’t bad but I was a little disappointed. But the people I was with, my friend and her family, did enjoy their orders. The offer tea, coffee, shakes and beer just to name a few and there’s plenty of space to sit and spread out. Generally cafe Route 442 is open from 10am until 2am daily.



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