Book Review: “Push” By Sapphire

There are a lot of books on my shelf where I don’t remember what they’re about. I don’t have a clue what I’m getting into with them. But with “Push” I knew it was going to be difficult. That the subject matter was rough. And going in knowing this seemed to help.

This is one of my signed books. I remember where I got it even, at the Harold Washington Public Library after a Q&A with Sapphire. I remember sitting in the dark auditorium thinking this book sounds depressing. I don’t think I’ll read it. But I loved listening to Sapphire talk and how much everyone asking questions seemed to love the book, despite its difficult real-world topics. And I decided, okay I’ll get it, and the sequel and see what everyone is talking about.

Push is about a young girl named Precious Jones, whose had a rough life from the get go. Her father and mother sexually abuse her and before she’s 18 she’s pregnant twice, by her father. She’s struggling to learn because she hasn’t gotten the help she needs and so when she gets kicked out of regular school for being pregnant she’s sent to another school where she gets the help she needs so she can try to get on her feet.

It is a heavy book. Not in actual weight, but in topic. And it’s rather blunt. But the voice in the book is strong and is exactly the type of book any sort of writer’s class would have you sit down and study. It’s the kind that sticks in your head long after you’ve finished the book. While the book itself, topic wise, isn’t one I’d normally pick up the hope in it is what kept me going. The young girl, Precious, doing her very best for herself and for her kid(s).

After reading so many books from my old TBR that has been a struggle to get through this one was what I needed. I needed a book that I just couldn’t stop turning the page to see what happened next. This is a book I’m 100% happy past me grabbed and even got signed. And now I’m looking forward to reading the sequel so I can enjoy more of Sapphire’s writing.

It’s well worth reading if you can handle the difficult topics. Trigger Warnings: rape, incest, sexual abuse, abuse, slurs, drugs/drug addiction mention, cutting mentioned.

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