The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan 海遊館

On one of the islands in the Aji River of Osaka near Universal Studios Japan is one of the world's largest aquariums. The Pacific Ocean tank is the largest, filled with 5,400 tons of water that can be found towards the center of the aquarium. It houses two whale sharks, hammer head sharks, mackerel, sting … Continue reading The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan 海遊館

Bread, Espresso & パンとエスプレッソと

Located next to the Premier Hotel -Cabin-Osaka is a small cafe and bakery open from 8am until 8pm. They offer a variety of "sets" though have a somewhat limited menu. (available in English) I ordered their french toast set which came with a drink, so I decided on apple juice which for some reason took … Continue reading Bread, Espresso & パンとエスプレッソと

Umeda Sky Building 梅田スカイビル

After lunch my friend showed me the Umeda Sky Building, also know as the floating garden observatory. It's a unique looking building near the Umeda/Osaka stations.  The Umeda Sky building is a good place in which to view the city. It opens up into an open circle that you can walk around on the roof. … Continue reading Umeda Sky Building 梅田スカイビル