Sunnyyoo is a Mexican restaurant in Yangpyeong a short distance from Yongmun station. It's part art gallery of sunflower paintings using coffee beans, part cafe that sells baseball caps, and part Mexican restaurant. It's one of my friends favorite spots. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and blueberry yogurt smoothie. The chicken quesadilla was soft and … Continue reading Sunnyyoo

Dreamy Camera Cafe 꿈꾸는사진기

In Yangpyeong, a little over 10,000 won taxi ride into the mountains from Yongmun station is a two story Rolleiflex camera that trades in dreams. It's not the easiest place to get to, I suggest taking a taxi or driving, while there is a bus stop somewhat nearby it is not close and you'll have to … Continue reading Dreamy Camera Cafe 꿈꾸는사진기