Doc B’s

Doc B’s

I headed home for my birthday, I wanted a nice break where I could rest and start a trip home off on a nicer foot then the last two times I'd been home.  After chilling with family I headed to Chicago to try and visit a couple friends. I visited a lot of places I'd [...]



Allyu is a health spa located at 600 West Chicago Avenue. I recently had the opportunity to go and get a tour of the facilities after hearing a lot about it from a friend. I was offered tea, I asked for ginger, and switched my shoes out for sandals. I hung up all my stuff [...]

Saint’s Alp Tea House

Saint's Alp Tea House is probably one of my favorite places in Chicago. Located at South Archer Avenue this tea shop restaurant serves some of my favorite teas and snacks. Throughout the time I've lived in/near Chicago I've gone here a lot. I've had the same waiter, accidentally and coincidentally almost every time I've gone. [...]