Allyu is a health spa located at 600 West Chicago Avenue. I recently had the opportunity to go and get a tour of the facilities after hearing a lot about it from a friend. I was offered tea, I asked for ginger, and switched my shoes out for sandals. I hung up all my stuff and began my tour. I got to see their rooms for massages, their infrared sauna (it heats you up from the inside and has lots of benefits such as helping with circulation, stress, cardiovascular health and more), their showers (15 minutes, so it might be a struggle for someone like me who takes long showers. They’re complimentary and they provide a variety of eco-friendly/green toiletries), and then I was left to relax in their meditation room. I sat and listened to the music and just tried to relax. I loved the smell Allyu has and just how green it is. How peaceful. There’s a walkway of repurposed riverwalk and wood. The seating around the mediation room is all stone with cushions and really comfortable.

Allyu is rather dark, if you’re heading back for a massage, to meditate, or use the sauna, but it adds to the atmosphere. There are different deities from Africa and India and around the world and from all sorts of different cultures. They also offer other services such as manicures, pedicures, chakra balancing, facial care, waxing, threading, reflexology.

I also spent a lot of time in the main room, the shop. There is a bird in the shop and stone furniture to sit on while you wait for an appointment. I ended up only getting a few things to test out, some of which I haven’t been able to quite yet. I got some Palo Santo which is a wood used for cleansing rituals to bring in positive energy, and was also the lovely scent of the shop, and some facial samples, as well as a travel size tapioca facial kit that doubles as a mask. I tried out a one of the samples which is a chai mask and it smells amazing. I’m not sure what exactly it did for my skin but it was fun to try.  They also sell gemstones and have the uses written up next to the stones. Most of their products can be expensive but are all green and eco friendly. It was cool to see all these products I’d never seen before and ask about them from the helpful and friendly staff.


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