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Before leaving South Korea I challenged myself to read all my books before going home. In order to motivate myself I’ve decided to review the books and do other writing related to this goal. I’ll be posting these on Thursdays and Sundays. (Depending on my ability) You’ll be able to find some of the posts here. For more information on why and more check out this post.

This month's TBR

You will be able to see all the book goals. The total goal and the month’s goals here:

Total Goal

December Goal

January Goal 

February Goal

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Book reviews of what I’ve read will be found here:

Children’s Books


Young Adult


Childhood’s End

After the Fall

Every Heart A Doorway

Want to buy any of the books I’ve reviewed and help support local bookstores? Grab a copy to read from Bookshop, a non-amazon online bookstore that helps support local bookshops. You can easily find the books I’ve reviewed via my affiliate shop here.


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Things that fall into the category bookishly miscellaneous will include things like:

Where do my books go when I’m done reading them?

Where do I get my books in Korea?

Book Recap 2019

Seoul Book Bogo

Seoul Metropolitan Library

You can also find the Instagram I have specifically for books here.