Second on our day tour after Windsor was Stonehenge. A beautiful and awe inspiring prehistoric monument that was built around the same time as the Egyptian pyramids. It’s in an area filled with other prehistoric monuments, but is one of the most famous and the only one we had time to visit. Due to destruction of the monument there are guards around to make sure visitors don’t cross the rope and stand or mess with the monument. If you do they will ask you to leave or escort you off the premises. (We witnessed someone run over and stand on a rock and then asked to leave) Birds currently make their homes in the stone. The small stones each way about 6-8 tons and were moved about 200 miles away from their home in Wales. It is believed that the monument took about 1000 years to complete. When the monument was built the wheel hadn’t been invented yet, so the current idea is that the rocks were mostly moved via water. Stonehenge is a sacred place and druids come every year for summer and winter solstice to worship.



They’ve added a visitor center with a cafe, gift shop, and a miniature museum.

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