German Christmas Market

On the first Saturday in December I joined a friend to check out the German Christmas Market at the Deutsche Schule Seoul International. For my friend it was a confusing language nightmare since she's fluent in German, English and Korean and all were being spoken around us. The event started at 5pm and continued until 8pm … Continue reading German Christmas Market

Sweet East Dessert Cafe 스윗이스트

Located in one of the winding paths of Itaewon is the Sweet East Dessert Cafe which specializes in funnel cake. A friend of mine mentioned it recently as we were discussing seasonal things we miss, like pumpkin spice lattes. I don't really drink pumpkin spice lattes but a lot of cafes in Chicago also made … Continue reading Sweet East Dessert Cafe 스윗이스트

Itaewon Global Village Festival 이태원지구촌축제

Every year on the main road of Itaewon there's a global village festival. Restaurants from throughout the neighborhood set up booths so you can walk down the street and try food from all over the world. There's performances, cultural events, a parade, and an insane amount of people, more so then even usual, in Itaewon. … Continue reading Itaewon Global Village Festival 이태원지구촌축제

Kawaii Monster Cafe かわいいモンスターカフェ

The Kawaii Monster Cafe is a popular restaurant in Harajuku. We tried to go for lunch but the line continued to the stairs so we decided to go for dinner and there happened to be no line. The restaurant likes to pair creepy with cute and depending on the day and time— sexy.  Like Alice's … Continue reading Kawaii Monster Cafe かわいいモンスターカフェ

Chiles Mexican Grill

Chiles Mexican Grill is a small shop in Harajuku off the busyness of Takeshita street. They offer a variety of Mexican food like burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, burrito bowls and nachos. The staff speaks Spanish, English, and Japanese. I mostly just wanted guacamole and horchata so I scoured the menu for anything that would come with … Continue reading Chiles Mexican Grill