London Wrap-up

I really wasn't expecting to go to London and every day up until my cousin and I got on our plane felt like waiting for someone to tell me there had been a mistake. Our time in London was short but packed. It was amazing to see so many old buildings, places I've only read [...]


For our final night in London we met up with a friend of mine at one of her favorite restaurants called Dishoom. It's a beautiful Indian modern restaurant, I loved their decor and the feel of the restaurant. We ordered, at my friend's suggestion Bombay Virgin Pina Colada's to drink, and it was my favorite part [...]

The British Library

Before I left for London I had a meeting with a teacher who goes to London often. She suggested I visit The British Library and check out their Treasures Gallery and exhibits, specifically the original handwritten manuscript of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures Underground which eventually became Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The British Library turned out [...]


After wandering around the street fair in London for a bit we stopped into Crussh since we hadn't gotten anything to drink at Greggs and my cousin had been disappointed in what he'd ordered and needed something to chase the drink. Plus as a newly pregnant woman she needed to take a rest. So Crussh [...]