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Out of all the tours my cousin and I went on we agree that our favorite was this one. The Beatles walking tour wasn’t on our original itinerary. Instead while we were on the Hop on Hop off Bus tour we were give a piece of paper for a free walking tour, then at the end of our Stonehenge, Bath, and Windsor trip our tour guide also gave us a coupon for the tour. We met up with our tour guide outside where we had picked up our London Pass. Our tour guide was entertaining, knowledgeable, and funny. We followed him all around London where he told us about the Beatles, showing us buildings and places of importance in the History of Rock and Roll. It wasn’t just about the Beatles either, if we passed anything else of famous importance he’d point it out as well. Such as, we walked passed the Foyles bookstore and he told us that Foyles is the only group that has successfully and accidentally sued the Pope. He took us down alleyways behind record labels that are usually packed with resting musicians, past famous jazz clubs, and to the Soho Gardens that can be seen from Paul McCartney’s home, and how you can tell if he’s home. One of the best times apparently, to do a Beatles tour that goes past Paul McCartney’s home is when the weather is terrible. He took us past Trident Studios where Hey Jude, Dear Prudence, Honey Pie, Martha My Dear, Savoy Truffle, and I Want You (She’s So Heavy) were produced. Trident Studios also worked with many other famous artists such as David Bowie, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and Queen amongst many more. Trident Studios is located at 17 St Anne’s Court.


Throughout our tour we were shown little circles up on the walls that pointed out buildings significance. Whether they were homes of famous people or the birth place of rock and roll. So if your in London keep an eye out for round plaques, some building that may not seem important may hold a lot of history inside it’s walls.

The Beatles tour was a good amount of walking but we absolutely loved it and it was a fun way to see more of London and to learn it’s history. We didn’t go past Abbey Road but there are other Beatles tours that do take you to Abbey Road. We were mostly around and in Soho.

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