The British Library

Before I left for London I had a meeting with a teacher who goes to London often. She suggested I visit The British Library and check out their Treasures Gallery and exhibits, specifically the original handwritten manuscript of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures Underground which eventually became Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The British Library turned out [...]

Bejing Dumpling and Chinatown

After missing our tour my cousin and I headed to Chinatown for dinner. We wandered up and down the street looking at menus, comparing prices and deciding if it was a place we would eat. In one of our tours we were told that by law every restaurant in London must have their menus outside [...]

The London Bridge Experience

When going through the list of things to do with the London Pass we were drawn to The London Bridge Experience. Apparently, according to the BBC before it was opened the workers who were digging found a crypt of skeletons and refused to keep working alone. The London Bridge Experience is a walking tour in [...]

Platform 9 3/4

On the start of our third day, before breakfast or anything else we went to the tube station nearest us, Kings Cross. It's by the trains by platforms 9-11 against a wall. It's a straight shot from outside and to the right, by the restaurant The Doors. Depending on the time there is a line which [...]