Platform 9 3/4


On the start of our third day, before breakfast or anything else we went to the tube station nearest us, Kings Cross. It’s by the trains by platforms 9-11 against a wall. It’s a straight shot from outside and to the right, by the restaurant The Doors. Depending on the time there is a line which the length verses and there is an option for buying a professional photo but you can take your own for free. During the day workers are there to give you a house scarf (your choice of which one), fake glasses, and a wand if you want them and one will hold your scarf so it looks like it’s billowing behind you while you jump for your photo. Be careful when putting your hands on the bars of the shopping cart because it moves, and if you curl your fingers under and jump for a photo you could smash your fingers. A little bit away is a shop where you can purchase all sorts of Harry Potter items and check out your photo. I wasn’t a huge fan of how many of the photos we took turned out. They put the house scarf on you so it holds your hair down, if I did it again, before I went to take my photo I would pull my hair out from under the scarf because it just looks weird otherwise.


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