Bristol Renaissance Faire

For my last road trip I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. We actually passed Six Flags Great America on our way. The Faire is open from 10am until 7pm on the weekends from July through September 1st (Labor Day, the only Monday they're open). My aunt and I left [...]

Wisconsin-Lake Nichols

One of our first stops  when we got to Boulder Junction was to stop by the visitor center. Fishtrap Lake, at least where we were wasn't very swimmer friendly, since it was more grassy water than sandy. We asked the lady working for suggestions on swimming and hiking and fishing.  For swimming she suggested Lake [...]

Wisconsin- Downtown Bolder Junction

Bolder Junction Wisconsin was the small town near where we stayed on Fishtrap Lake. So we drove into town for supplies, wandered around, went to events and shops. Bolder Junction is home of the musky, a dinosaur like fish. The gas station is also the grocery, which when we went was still in the midst [...]