Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers

Enjoying the musical show outside the petronas towers is a nice relaxing way to end a trip to Malaysia.

Chungmu Art Hall- The Count of Monte Cristo 충무아트홀

Chungmu Art Hall- The Count of Monte Cristo 충무아트홀

I've seen a lot of advertisements for different musicals around Seoul, things I hadn't realized there were musicals of, like: "Sherlock Holmes", "Dracula", "Dorian Gray", and "Jekyll and Hyde". So I was curious and looked around at different musicals currently showing was really happy to find "The Count of Monte Cristo". I told my friend [...]

Surviving Jarasum’s International Jazz Festival

Surviving Jarasum’s International Jazz Festival

About an hour out from Seoul via Korail, or about 40 minutes via the ITX is a beautiful mountainous county called Gapyeong. It's a great place for hiking, biking, and pretty much anything to do with enjoying nature. Due to all the pensions and beautiful nature, Gapyeong gets insanely crowded in the summer, but during [...]

Brown Sugar Jazz Boutique

I visited Brown Sugar because I was drawn to the idea of live jazz and missing the wonderful jazz bars I went to in Prague. So I mentioned it to one of my hostel mates and we headed out, early, in the hopes of getting good seats and being able to get dinner before it got packed [...]

Lotte World (롯데월드): Redeemed

Some of you may remember my misadventures at Lotte World. It was hot, crowded, I got sunburned, went on only two rides, ect. Well not this time! For Chuseok (the Korean Thanksgiving which happens on the super moon) I decided I wanted to go to amusement parks. Supposedly over Chuseok, Seoul is suppose to empty [...]

KLive hologram concert (케이라이브)

On the top floor of Lotte Fitin is KLive. KLive is the worlds first K-pop hologram concert. My friend booked our tickets online and we ran up to the top floor of the mall thinking we were late only to find we were an hour early. So we had plenty of time to kill and [...]

Comfort Station

  In the middle of Logan Square is the Comfort Station located at 2579 N Milwaukee Ave. It's a art building, usually whenever I go by it's closed off but recently while walking past I noticed the door was open and inside the walls were covered in art. The building looks like a little cottage [...]

Columbia College Chicago: Manifest

At the end of each school year before students head home Columbia College Chicago takes over the South Loop with Manifest. It's open and free to the public but is at it's very essence the senior students art showcases. All buildings and galleries are open and the campus is packed with events. It's kicked off [...]


The Metro is a concert hall and bar that opened in 1982 located in Wrigglyville 3730 North Clark Street. It can be reached pretty easily off the Addison red line stop.  Each time I have been to the Metro it has been for Story Week. The workers tend to be really nice, and since I'm usually volunteering for [...]