Columbia College Chicago: Manifest


At the end of each school year before students head home Columbia College Chicago takes over the South Loop with Manifest. It’s open and free to the public but is at it’s very essence the senior students art showcases. All buildings and galleries are open and the campus is packed with events. It’s kicked off with a parade of seniors who head to the opening ceremonies in the main stage tent. The entire event is filmed and rushed to be edited and added to the graduation ceremonies that start the following day. Manifest is always the Friday in May before graduation weekend which can leave students pretty busy, especially since it’s move out weekend for the residence halls of the campus. All departments are open to the public on this day, and I always found it fun to go in and peek around in a department I didn’t go in often.There are films to watch, video games to play, photography to look at, readings to attend, art to look at, performances to watch, and so much more. The student organizations also put things together for the event. Each year has a different theme, but there are games and all sorts of activities and quick crafts that people can do and take with them. It was the best way to end each school year, by getting to see all of the things other students had worked on and put together and watch everyone celebrate the end of the year or even the end of their entire college career.

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