Aux pains de Papy


One of the first places I noticed from our hotel was this little bakery called Aux pains de Papy. But the first time I saw it I thought it was closed, due to this building next to it. Aux pains de Pappy is a cute little French bakery located near our hotel. It’s open from 7am until 6pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 8am until 6pm. (They are closed on Sundays)

The bakery was a nice little shop with no place to sit inside. I looked around to see what was the cheapest and pointed at these donut like breads dusted in sugar. I expected to be only given one and was pleasantly surprised when I ended up with two. My cousin and I took our baked goods and sat outside on one of the benches they had set up. It was a good start to our mostly free day that we packed to the brim with things we wanted to do.


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