The Baker’s Table 더베이커스테이블

The Baker’s Table 더베이커스테이블

A nice bakery with limited seating in Itaewon.


Left Coast Burgers

Left Coast Burgers

Nathalie's birthday was recently so I met up with her and some of her friends to celebrate in Itaewon. Our first stop was Left Coast Burgers at 130-43 Itaewon-dong. I ordered the classic burger with a half side of fries. The classic comes with American Cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard. Which was [...]

The Rose and Crown 로즈앤크라운

The Rose and Crown is a pub in Itaewon that manages to catch all my friends eyes whenever we walk past. I finally went with a friend and ordered a cottage pie which took a bit longer than my friend's food to arrive. It was sent up in a dumbwaiter. The Rose and the Crown [...]

Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue 라이너스 바베큐

Linus's Bama Style BBQ is located in Itaewon near exit 4. They make traditional American bbq foods like pulled pork sandwiches and brisket. They also have a pretty decent sized drink menu (alcoholic) that I didn't end up trying. They're open for lunch (11:30-3:00) and dinner (5/5:30-10/10:30). I ordered their pulled pork sandwich which comes with [...]


Plant is a popular vegetarian/vegan restaurant/bakery in Itaewon. I spent a weekend in Seoul with a friend from Chicago whose vegetarian which made picking restaurants easier. In other words I just had to google search for any vegetarian restaurants in the area and head off that way. Plant was nice, we had a bit trouble [...]

Les deux plats

Les deux plats is a restaurant located in Itaewon. I met up with a friend in Itaewon to do some shopping, but first both of us were hungry so we wandered around looking for something that wouldn't be too expensive. Luckily like London there were a lot of menus outside of restaurants. When we saw the [...]