I’m an English teacher in South Korea (NET) with a degree in writing from Chicago. I love tea, writing, reading, and exploring. This blog updates 3 times a week including my adventures as I explore Korea or other countries I visit on my free time. This blog updates on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Currently posting information about life in Korea/living abroad. Have any questions about life in abroad/Korea don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.

Where else you can find me:

World Nomads:

“Japan Insider’s Guide”

Korvia Consulting:

(please excuse the pictures and format a lot of it was out of my control)

“What to do for Korean Holidays”

“Baking Basics Glossary Guide”

“How to Stay Warm in Korea”

                     “This is how Korvia throws a Party in Itaewon in 2018”

                    “We interviewed teachers teaching in Korea”

Aaron Gone Travel:

                   Travel Better, Expatriate Better – Chicago Interview

Wayfaring Flaneur

Wayfaring is a person who travels on foot (by definition). I travel by foot or public transportation (planes and buses as well).  Flaneur is a person who takes in as much of the place they’re at as possible, gets to know the place.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Lauren! Your writting and pictures are great! I really enjoy this, and have some responsibility to let you know better about Korea, I will try to let you experience wider and deeper about Korea. Thanks for sharing your exploring!!


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