I’m an English teacher in South Korea (NET) with a degree in writing from Chicago. I love tea, writing, reading, breakfast and exploring.

This blog updates 3 times a week including my adventures as I explore Korea or other countries I visit on my free time. This blog updates on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Have any questions about life in abroad/ South Korea? Don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.

Where else you can find me:

World Nomads:

“Japan Insider’s Guide”

Korvia Consulting:

(please excuse the pictures and format a lot of it was out of my control)

“What to do for Korean Holidays”

“Baking Basics Glossary Guide”

“How to Stay Warm in Korea”

                     “This is how Korvia throws a Party in Itaewon in 2018”

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Aaron Gone Travel:

                   Travel Better, Expatriate Better – Chicago Interview

Youtube guest appearances

(plus things I filmed for youtubers)

Traveling Nat:

A Day in Seoul With Me: Christmas Party & Shopping in Seoul 

BEST THINGS TO DO in Seoul on a Budget! (not in this one, I filmed this)



Gangnam, Korea FIREBALL Pizza!!

25th Birthday PARTY TURN UP Weekend in Seoul, Korea

Starwars in 4D| The Best Movie Experience in Seoul!

Korean Vlog: BUSAN is AMAZING!!! part 1 (no part 2 was posted)

Korean Vlog: SEOULTUBE 2015

Korean Vlog: Seoul Lantern Festival 2015

Gina Bear:

Korea Vlog| Jinhae and Gyeongju Cherry Blossoms (did some of the filming, am also in this)

Korea Vlog| I Might Be Leaving Korea…


2018 Korvia Spring Party Highlights (I’m signing people in so mostly in the background)

How to Get A Phone/ Phone Plan in Korea (I filmed this)


Korvia Thank You Lunch Vlog July 21,2018





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  1. Hey, Lauren! Your writting and pictures are great! I really enjoy this, and have some responsibility to let you know better about Korea, I will try to let you experience wider and deeper about Korea. Thanks for sharing your exploring!!

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