I’m currently in the weird position of being young and retired from teaching. I’m back home in the states after teaching for 5 years in South Korea.  I love tea, writing, reading, breakfast, and exploring.

This blog is on hiatus right now as I’m not traveling right now. These are recaps from my travels before moving back to the states. I’m not currently traveling outside of the United States or really much within the USA either, due to the pandemic and I hope you enjoy the things I share while we all practice some social distancing.  Please stay safe and healthy and be extra careful while you’re traveling during this time. This blog updates on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Every other Tuesday it will update a 5th time with a new podcast episode where I interview people about travel. Transcripts will be available within the post.

Have any questions about life in abroad, travel, or living as a teacher in South Korea? Don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.

Where else you can find me:

World Nomads:

“Japan Insider’s Guide”

Matador Network

“Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s most scenic and delicious destination”

Korvia Consulting:

(please excuse the pictures and format a lot of it was out of my control)

“What to do for Korean Holidays”

“Baking Basics Glossary Guide”

“How to Stay Warm in Korea”

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Aaron Gone Travel:

                   Travel Better, Expatriate Better – Chicago Interview

Youtube guest appearances

(plus things I filmed for youtubers)

Traveling Nat:

A Day in Seoul With Me: Christmas Party & Shopping in Seoul 

BEST THINGS TO DO in Seoul on a Budget! (not in this one, I filmed this)



Gangnam, Korea FIREBALL Pizza!!

25th Birthday PARTY TURN UP Weekend in Seoul, Korea

Starwars in 4D| The Best Movie Experience in Seoul!

Korean Vlog: BUSAN is AMAZING!!! part 1 (no part 2 was posted)

Korean Vlog: SEOULTUBE 2015

Korean Vlog: Seoul Lantern Festival 2015

Gina Bear:

Korea Vlog| Jinhae and Gyeongju Cherry Blossoms (did some of the filming, am also in this)

Korea Vlog| I Might Be Leaving Korea…


2018 Korvia Spring Party Highlights (I’m signing people in so mostly in the background)

How to Get A Phone/ Phone Plan in Korea (I filmed this)


Korvia Thank You Lunch Vlog July 21,2018

My own youtube channel

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  1. Hey, Lauren! Your writting and pictures are great! I really enjoy this, and have some responsibility to let you know better about Korea, I will try to let you experience wider and deeper about Korea. Thanks for sharing your exploring!!

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