Framboises bakery

On our way from where the bus dropped us off to the nearest train station we passed by Framboises bakery then turned around and went back in. It's a small bakery but nice. We just wanted a small snack so we got two chocolate covered matcha balls. They were delicious and beautiful. I loved the friendly [...]

Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe

After our ferry tour we were miserable. I was too hot and just wanted shade and something cold. So as we walked along the fringes of Haeundae beach when Nathalie spotted a Korean Dessert Cafe. We ordered one of their mango patbingsu's to split and I was surprised at everything in it. It was a monster but [...]

Wonsan cold noodles

After leaving the beauty and protective shade of Moontan Road we went in search of food. All I really wanted was air conditioning. I didn't want to go anywhere that might give me accidental spicy food and I was really skeptical when Nathalie picked Wonsan. Partially because it didn't look air conditioned and we had [...]