Oryukdo Mipo Ferry tour

Nathalie and I wanted to go to one of the islands off the coast of Busan, a island called Oryukdo and we found a ferry that went out there. So after lunch we headed to Mipo Terminal to catch a ferry. We got there right in time to catch a ferry about to leave. We had to fill out our name and phone numbers on our ticket before boarding and grabbed a seat on the upper deck to look out at the ocean.

The ferry was great at first. There was a lovely ocean breeze, we were being flocked by gulls and it was pretty. But as we neared our destination we realized it wasn’t actually going to drop us off but instead just loop around and head back. Which was a little disappointing. It was gorgeous, we got a lot of great photos (Nathalie got a ton of film for her youtube channel). Then for some reason we slowed down a lot on our way back and it got hot. We just started baking. The breeze was gone. It was a miserable journey back. I distracted myself when I realized I could see jellyfish in the water as we went. Our tour went past Haeundae beach, Dongbaek Isalnd (Nurimaru), Gwangan Grand Bridge, Igidae, and Oryukdo.

The Mipo Terminal also has a departure for a night cruise called Gwangan Grand Bridge Night Tour where after sunset they go past Dongbaek Island (Nurimaru) and Gwangan Grand Bridge to watch the light show and Gwangalli Beach before looping back.

It was nice to be on a boat and see all those things and even though we didn’t get dropped off like we’d hoped we still had a lot of fun, until we finished our loop around Oryukdo and had a long hot, slow journey back.

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