Wonsan cold noodles

After leaving the beauty and protective shade of Moontan Road we went in search of food. All I really wanted was air conditioning. I didn’t want to go anywhere that might give me accidental spicy food and I was really skeptical when Nathalie picked Wonsan. Partially because it didn’t look air conditioned and we had to go up another floor to get to the restaurant and I just want to lay down on a pile of ice.

20150804_145051 (1)

While not immensely air conditioned Wonsan served Naengmyeon. They were the cheapest things on the menu. Nathalie ordered a spicy one and I ordered a basic one, a mul naengmyeon.  Naengmyeon is a cold noodle soup. The noodles are dark buckwheat noodles and an icy soup.


When we sat down they brought a copper tea pot and tea mugs. I thought it was an interesting looking and since it was so hot I put off drinking it. When I finally got around I was in shock because it was soup, delicious soup without anything in it, so I guess just broth.



Naengmyeon is fun because you get to change what it tastes like depending on what you add. Gochujang (a spicy red pepper paste), a spicy mustard, and vinegar. Gochujang makes it too spicy for me but the smallest dash of the mustard and a ton of vinegar mixed in was delicious. I loved this meal and it was really refreshing on such a hot summer day. It had the best little pickled radish slices in it.

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