Provence Village 프로방스 마을

Provence Village is a cute little area of shops, cafes, and photo opportunities. Open daily from 8am until 10pm the village was our last stop of the day before dinner. We headed first to a cafe where I ordered a hot chocolate and enjoyed the Christmas music playing and the decorations outside. The menu at … Continue reading Provence Village 프로방스 마을

Heyri Art Village tour 헤이리 예술마을

After lunch we met up with a woman and went on a walking tour of Heyri art village. I didn't understand most of it, but a lot of what we did was self explanatory. We first visited a tree growing through one of the buildings/museums that won an award. Then we visited 3 different museums. … Continue reading Heyri Art Village tour 헤이리 예술마을

Heyri Art Village 헤이리 예술마을 Etaly 잇탈리

We had lunch at Etaly 잇탈리 in the Heyri Art Village. Etaly is pretty easy to spot since it's a large restaurant painted in the colors of the Italian flag. There's plenty of seating, and three floors so it's easy for large groups. We ordered several different things to share and were given bread and oil … Continue reading Heyri Art Village 헤이리 예술마을 Etaly 잇탈리

Gamaksan Mountain Trail 감악산

This year's winter teacher field trip came early. We rented a bus and headed to Paju for a day of touristy site seeing. My co-teacher was super sweet and despite not going translated the schedule into English for me. What I should've done with this information was research the places we were going before hand … Continue reading Gamaksan Mountain Trail 감악산