Prague Wrap-up

That is essentially it for Prague. It was a fun experience to spend several months there while taking classes with teacher's who were more interested in us getting out and enjoying Prague then turning our work in on time. I went with two groups, a creative writing department and a marketing department. A couple places, [...]



Bontanicus is a botanical beauty and health shop in Prague. They sell a wide variety of items such as soap, herbs, bathsalts, candles, tea,  jams, perfume, and beauty products just to name a few. Everything they sell is organic and hand made. They use fresh herbs, plants, and vegetables from their gardens in their products. I went [...]

Leterna Magica: Legendy magické Prahy

Leterna Magica or the Magic Lantern was on a list that our teacher suggested we all go to. Laterna Magica is a non-verbal theater, so it's friendly to anyone of any language. The performances are done through dance film and black light theater. Black Light Theater or Black Theater is done through black light illusion, [...]

Praha Srdce Národů Gala Concert

Praha Srdce Národů is a cultural celebration, an international heart of nations. It is an annual joint performance and celebration of folk arts of minorities within the Czech Republic. One of my teachers invited us all to Gala Concert, not a lot of people said yes, so I went with two of my teachers and one [...]