Prague Wrap-up

That is essentially it for Prague. It was a fun experience to spend several months there while taking classes with teacher’s who were more interested in us getting out and enjoying Prague then turning our work in on time. I went with two groups, a creative writing department and a marketing department. A couple places, when I went to look up their addresses, have closed down so they weren’t included in blog posts, a couple other places no matter how much I searched for them I couldn’t find them. (There is a fruit juice stand/booth/shop on Milady Horákové that makes really good smoothies/juice mixes) There are places I never had a chance to go to, such as the place right next door to the hostel the Čajovna – Čajovna Ve Věži located atNa výšinách 1/1000 170 00 Hl.m. Praha-Praha 7 which is a beautiful tower that we couldn’t figure out what it was until late in our trip and realized on the top floor was a tea room.


If I ever return to Prague that is the place I will go to.  There are also many wonderful shows to go to, like a light and music show at Holešovice Exhibition Grounds’s Krizik Fountain.

I miss Prague, it’s such a wonderful city with it’s cobblestone roads and sidewalks, transit that is timely. I loved the artsy graffiti and it’s dogs that roam and seem to understand everything. It’s a city of magic and adventure and historical beauty. It was also relatively cheap while I was there and starting Sunday taking the place of Prague will be it’s opposite, London.

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