U Fleků


At the end of our classes we went to one last restaurant and brewery, U Fleků to celebrate the end of our summer in Prague. We ended up eating at a giant table together and with another giant table behind us filled with over 50 50 year old Germans who sang with us. We walked to U Fleků after our final readings at the Globe.


U Fleků was established in 1499. They have a cabaret every Friday. There are 8 halls and a garden. The brewery has been brewing for over 500 years, the oldest in Central Europe to continuously brew for so long. It is a popular destination in Prague and a must spot for beer lovers. There is definably enough space for large groups.

Our teachers ordered two appetizers, a cheese platter and a sausage platter



I also had my last bread dumplings and marinated meat, it was surprisingly sweet.


U Fleků is located at Křemencova 11, 110 00 Praha 1

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