U Fleků

At the end of our classes we went to one last restaurant and brewery, U Fleků to celebrate the end of our summer in Prague. We ended up eating at a giant table together and with another giant table behind us filled with over 50 50 year old Germans who sang with us. We walked to U [...]

U Kalicha and The Good Soldier Švejk

There are, in Prague a lot of Good Solider Švejk restaurants.  One of my teachers was friends with a tour guide who I would run into while she was guiding tours and she decided to show all of us the best restaurant to go to for Good Solider Švejk, U Kalicha or The Goblet. We had been [...]

Klub Architektů

When I went to  Klub Architektu I wasn't feeling well but went with my teacher before Museum Night. I ordered a mint and ginger tea to help with my cold. I was rather happy to see large mint leaves and ginger chunks. I also ordered Beef medallion with cream apples and mashed potatoes, that I loved. I [...]

Bar Bar

  On an evening out exploring one of our teachers made a reservation for us at Bar Bar. It's a cool, odd restaurant with a large variety of vegetarian options, which was nice because we had several vegetarians with us on our trip. We ate downstairs and enjoyed the odd art on the walls and [...]

Creperie “U slepé Kočičky”

U slepé Kočičky is a creperie that is located the hostel we were staying at. Out front is a large wooden cat covering it's eyes. I thought while I was there the title of the restaurant translated into sleepy cat, but it seems to translate into the blind cat. I eventually ended up going, close [...]