Pivovarský Klub

While walking with one of our teachers she took us to Pivovarský Klub (Brewery Club)
The Pivovarský Klub’s idea is that most restaurants have a ton of food and little in the way of beer. So they strive to provide the opposite, a good menu of food with at a minimum 240 kinds of beer available in bottles, and six on tap at a time.
They offer a flight or samplings of beers, and since there were a lot of us, we ordered several. They were all different flavors, from traditional Czech beers, to banana or hemp flavored.
I ordered fried toast that you rub with garlic, which is apparently a traditional bar food to have with beer. I enjoyed it, but it left me feeling and smelling and tasting a ton of garlic, since I was rubbing the bread with fresh bits of garlic.
Because I was drowning in garlic by the end I ordered a honey cake which I absolutely loved and found super refreshing after my garlic fried toast.  If I had the chance I would just order it by itself and not specifically after the fried toast. Both we’re good, but the fried toast over powered my senses for anything and everything else.
Pivovarský Klub is located at  272/17, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín.

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